October 2014

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Changes to Strata Property Act- majority(not 3/4) vote can approve depreciation report recommended work and strata can apply for court approval for special levies...   Good News for Owners that are frustrated by neighbors that don't want to do repairs or maintenance.

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I think these comments hit the nail on the head:

“Gains in home values are being led by the detached home market. Condominium and townhome
properties are not experiencing the same pressure on prices at the moment,” Harris said.
“Individual trends can vary depending on different factors in different areas, so it’s important to
do your homework and work with your REALTOR® when you’re looking to determine the
market value of a home.”

I've told clients many times recently the market has become a little tricky-  meaning exactly what Harris said-  there are many sub-markets and areas that are diverging from the overall trend.

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