January 2016

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Want to learn more about the City of Burnaby? Numbers are a great way to get some quick and interesting facts about this vibrant and growing city.

So what do the numbers 5,900,000 \ 223,218 \ 86,839 \ 1892 \ 49 \ 39.1 \ 23 - 8 \ 16 and 5 mean to Burnaby? See if you can guess, and then check out the list below to discover some interesting facts about Burnaby, BC!


This is the price of the most expensive home currently on the market in Burnaby. The city is home to a number of beautiful and upscale residences. This spacious estate-style home is located adjacent to Deer Lake, offering 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms and showcasing the finest workmanship and highest-quality materials.


The population in Burnaby according the the

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Yes 2016 Assessments were both a pleasure and a pain to homeowners.

Deferral can be an attractive option for some homeowners in the Greater Vancouver Area.

link to the official page to see the programs and qualifications.  


 The interest rate is currently 0.85% for the Regular program and you qualify if you're:

55 years or older during the current year

a surviving spouse of any age

a person with disabilities

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