September 2016

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Tip #1: Make a Good First Impression

Just like making a good first impression on a job interview is crucial to landing the position, making a positive impression to possible home buyers (or apartment buyers) is key. If your home’s appearance isn’t up to spec, it won’t show well and potential clients may not even walk through the door. A few questions to ask: Is my home attractive, clean and well-kept? Are the lawns cut, front-gardens well-maintained? Does my home smell fresh and clean, is it vacuumed and dust-free? Do I have a lot of clutter or am I keeping things minimal and tidy?

Depersonalizing your home is another key to making a good first impression. This helps potential buyers to imagine themselves (with their possessions) in your home.

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Yes and No

Theo and I felt we could circle the 2nd last weekend of April as the day the market peaked.   It's just a feeling that comes from having your finger on the pulse of the market and not observing from a bank office in Toronto.

So we kinda agree with Paul Ainsworth of Capital Economics who is arguing it's not the Foreign Buyers Tax killing the market.  We feel the market was already slowing for a couple of reasons and the Tax just helped seal the deal.  It seems most homebuyers in the Lower Mainland don't feel the law of supply and demand will prevail in the local market but it DOES!   Check out the listed vs sold charts on the website...   

The wave of offshore money has peaked and passed.  Whether it be China clamping down or

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