October 2016

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Burnaby is the third largest city in British Columbia, surpassed only by nearby Surrey and Vancouver. Burnaby has experienced a lot of positive changes over the last few years, with noteworthy improvements made to transportation, parks and recreation, new housing developments and an ever-growing food and social scene. But what about the history of Burnaby? Where did this all come from? We thought we'd take a step back in time with this blog post and share some of the city's history.

Mr. Robert Burnaby


First and foremost, Burnaby owes its name to explorer Robert Burnaby. Burnaby was among the earliest of pioneers to settle the area. In 1859, Robert Burnaby surveyed the freshwater lake near what is now the city's geographical centre. Of course, this lake later

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Running short of things to do in November? We thought we would put together a list of a few upcoming calendar events in the City of Burnaby that you and your family can enjoy together. Below are our top picks for both longtime Burnaby dwellers or those who are new to Burnaby living.

Event: Walking Tour: Deer Lake Salmon Walk
Date: Saturday, November 5, 2016
Time: 1:00pm - 2:30pm
Location: Burnaby Village Museum & Carousel, 6501 Deer Lake Avenue, Burnaby, BC
Admission: Free
Description: November is a great time in Burnaby for a brisk walk outside. It's a chance to enjoy the fading autumnal tints, breathe in the fresh clean air and rest your eyes on some beautiful sights. The Deer Lake Salmon walking tour is led by rivers conservationist and World Rivers Day

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