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We wanted to let you know about a new real estate rule that came into effect last Friday, June 15 that will affect the way you work with a realtor. Limited Dual Agency will no longer be allowed. What is "limited dual agency"? And what impact will this have on you? Keep reading to find out. 

Limited Dual Agency

In the very recent past, real estate agents were able to represent both the buyer and the seller. Example: if a realtor's client was interested in buying a property that was listed by the same Realtor. The "limited dual agency" would require that the Realtor sign an agreement, where he/she is bound by contract to act impartially on behalf of both the buyer and the seller. Although this works in theory, clients are at the mercy of

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    There were 4770 detached homes listed for sale in the Greater Vancouver area last month (February) and only 13% (621 homes) sold! The market seems to be entering buyers' territory, giving buyers a chance to buy their dream home. But what does this mean for sellers? What if you need to sell your home right away? You very likely loved your home and want to see it do well. To ensure a transaction and maximize your profit from the sale, here are a few pointers for today's Vancouver market.   


The most common pitfall of a home lingering on the market is overpricing. It's important to price your home just right - there's a fine line between undervaluing your home and pricing it above buyers' expectations. Find out from…
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It's so nice to be back on this side of the Winter Solstice where the days are getting longer again. Thankfully it has been a mild winter season so far and we haven't seen too much snow in the city. We'll be posting a blog entry later this week with a look back at 2017 and what we should expect of the Vancouver market in 2018. But while we're on the topic of Winter, we wanted to let all of you know a few tips and tricks of selling your home in the winter. We've been asked this question many a time: "When is the best time to sell my home?" Our short answer is always "Spring" but the answer is never that simple. It depends on the circumstances of the homeowner: what if you need to sell right away regardless of the season? If that's your situation, fret

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Our clients look forward to attending the Home Shows each year - we know we do! The focus of the Fall Home Show is Interior Design and Decor. If you're looking to renovate or redesign your home, get some inspiration for future projects, or just want to see what the new trends are, this is the place to be! It will take place at the Vancouver Convention Centre (West) from Thursday to Sunday, October 26-29. The show is also featuring quite a few HGTV stars that will be offering their expert advice. 

We're giving away quite a few COMPLIMENTARY TICKETS on Facebook and Instagram this week so you and a friend can attend together! Give us a follow on either Facebook or Instagram (or both!) on the post, and tag someone you'd like to attend the Home Show with.

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The IKEA catalogue signals a start to the new school year and has everyone flocking to IKEA for the latest in home goods. We were at IKEA over the Long Weekend before school started and let me tell you, it was not for the faint of heart - school-aged children running around, University-bound kids shopping for dorm room necessities, adults frantically trying to get their hands on whatever they had circled in the catalogue... 

All of that had us thinking... why don't we try out a few IKEA "hacks" to make our kitchen a little different than most? And if you're considering selling your home, these are simple, affordable hacks that will help with making your kitchen stand out from the rest. Here are a few hacks we've

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We recently sent out a Market Update to our clients as we have become quite concerned about some of the stats and activity lately. We thought we'd also post this update for all our readers out there so you can also be informed, especially if you're thinking about buying or selling.  


Active listings in Burnaby have now exceeded 500 for the first time in over 2 years. Sales have plunged in the last 30-60 days after solid activity in March and April. There have only been 18 sales of detached homes in South Burnaby in the last 30 days and only 2 of those sales were over $2 million - highest was $2.8. By comparison in the 30 day period prior to that: 41 homes sold and 10 homes sold over $2 million.  

We feel…
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Connect with me on Linkdn for candid comments and observations from a unique perspective.  As Top selling Vancouver and Burnaby Realtors we often tell our clients that it's hard to get useful, timely advice from most media sources.  Often the reporting or data isn't from local market participants or is already dated.  We bring you front-line, real-time observations and experience that delivers true value to our clients.


Check out my latest LinkedIn post calling a market Peak Fall 2015.  (primarily the detached home market)

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The Condo Market for Burnaby has been very strong for the past 12 months with limited inventory and steady demand. 

Some Highlights

Average price per sq ft for South Burnaby is now $486

Median Prices for South Burnaby are up 10.1 %  year over year.

North Burnaby Apartmnent prices rose 7.8%    

We feel the greater increase in South Burnaby reflects a desire for Metrotown proximity by affluent Mainland Chinese Buyers and more condo supply along the Lougheed Corridor.

We've noticed much stronger demand and shorter On market time for Newer Concrete Buildings.   Wood low-rise buildings have been much slower and have faced more pricing challenges.   1 Bedroom Condo supply still far surpasses 2 or more bedroom units although we have seen a

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Making the decision to sell your home can result in a whirlwind of emotions, from excitement to grief and every emotion in between. Pair this with tasks and deadlines, it’s no wonder that selling your home can be a costly and stressful affair. You very likely loved your home, and want to see it do well. For a flawless transaction that maximizes your profit from the sale, here are a few tips that will help improve the sale of your home. 

Hire a Professional Real Estate Agent

Some home sellers choose to sell their home without the help of a real estate agent to avoid paying the agent’s fees. While this is an admirable undertaking, it quite often results in financial repercussions for the home seller. A real estate agent with experience in your

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how to sell a condo

When it comes to selling any type of home, there is always some uncertainty involved. The real estate market is constantly changing depending on the economy and current buyers' preferences.

Selling a condo can require a bit more effort in terms of marketing and attracting buyers, due to the number of units on the market, and the restrictions that a condo association may apply. To help you get started on the path to selling your property, we've provided 5 great tips on how to sell a condo in the infographic below.

Although selling a condo requires a different approach than selling a single-family home, if you've prepared accordingly you should have no problem selling your property! A great real estate agent can ensure that your selling experience

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